Truly sustainable development is only possible with our employees and environmental awareness.

From the Raw Material to the Charger

The raw material used to produce iSi chargers is deep drawing steel. This metallic alloy is supplied in large rolls and processed in our own production department. 
The steel is turned into our chargers, which must meet the highest quality requirements each step of the way. iSi is certified under ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and Bureau Veritas Standards. Steel shavings and other high-quality scrap and waste are not discarded during the production of the chargers. We deliver this waste to steel plants for further processing, so new steel can be produced from the scrap and waste.

Ecological Qualities and Recycling

Steel is a sustainable material, which can be used again and again without almost any limitation or loss of quality. Scrap metal that is melted down to form steel again results in an ecologically sound cycle. Keeping scrap metal and production metal separate is important for the recycling process. The raw steel material used to make our chargers is of a very high quality. Recycling empty iSi chargers is extremely important in order to ensure re-use in a sustainable system.
Empty iSi chargers should be recycled in the same bins as your metals/aluminium waste. 
Graphical representation of the cycle:

Special Protection for the Employee (SA8000 Certification)

SA8000 is an international Standard aimed at improving the working conditions of all employees. iSi voluntarily set out to achieve this certification in 2011. In this area our aim is also to ensure a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees and workers.
SA8000 certification is carried out according to an international standard, which companies commit to voluntarily. It is based on the conventions of the International Labor Organization and the United Nations.
SA8000 includes the following criteria:

  • Ban on child labor
  • Ban on forced labor
  • Safety and health program
  • Freedom of assembly and collective bargaining
  • Discrimination-free environment
  • Handling of misconduct
  • Working hours policy
  • Salary and wages policy
  • Established management system
  • Compliance with national statutory regulations

However, these aims are not only anchored in the corporate policy. Our aim is to have a positive effect on the entire market. Many of our suppliers have already followed iSi's example, using codes of conduct to follow the management model.

REiNTEGRA – Social Responsibility In Action

Since 2007, iSi has put its faith in employees from the industry and trade group REiNTEGRA, a charitable organization based in Vienna that aims to reintegrate mentally ill people back into working life. REiNTEGRA is one of the largest rehabilitation organizations in Europe.
Since it was founded in 1982, REiNTEGRA has been caring for and supporting mentally ill people when they join or rejoin working life in order to get them used to work-oriented daily routine again, depending on their individual talent and inclination. Since then around 4,000 patients have been employed, around 28,000 orders have been successfully processed and more than 2,400 clients have been assisted. REiNTEGRA is therefore also a contact for companies who want to give mentally ill people an opportunity. In this area, iSi is a pioneer in terms of the manner and extent of cooperation with REiNTEGRA and has already been integrating the patients into an ordered and meaningful working life for more than six years.
REiNTEGRA has put together a team of qualified employees for iSi who, under the guidance of rehabilitation staff, put the finishing touches to iSi products and then carefully weigh them, pack them and carry out visual inspections of them at the company headquarters. After starting out with 13 employees, today there are already 35 people working for iSi as part of this project. The employees from REiNTEGRA pack around 50,000 bottles and replacement part sets, check and weigh around 90,000 chargers and pack around 700,000 chargers per month for the iSi Group. The employees are known at iSi for their 100% accuracy, reliability and focus on work, and therefore they are a permanent and pleasing part of the staff.

Further information can be found at REiNTEGRA.

Our Chargers as Climate-Neutral Packaging

The ARA climate certificate is a recognition for responsible companies like iSi, which make an active contribution to climate protection by releasing their packaging to ARA AG. 
The release of packaging material is not only "climate neutral" but, as a result of the collection and use of packaging, also results in an active reduction of environmental impact. 
The climate certificate shows that we make a valuable contribution to climate protection.