A split-second and reliable interaction of all components is the basic requirement for successful products in the field of fire protection. From auxiliary pressure (internal cartridge) extinguishers and automatic smoke ventilation systems to innovative Fire Suppression system, which fight fires before they can develop their full destructive force - our gas cylinders can perform a variety of critical functions in many different devices and systems.


Both in the field of prevention, as well as in the investigation of crimes there are a number of innovative solutions available today. Whether using DNA-encoded ink, special liquids or acoustical alarms, in many special applications such as CIT / ATM security systems, a gas cylinder from iSi Components ensures as a compact energy source for the reliable triggering and / or correct functioning of various devices and systems.



CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Highly Versatile, High Gas Yield

Argon (Ar)

Argon (Ar)

Protective Atmospheres