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Rapid Infusion.

Accessories for iSi Rapid Infusion applications.

Rapid Infusion enables a liquid to be infused with different flavors in the shortest possible time. First, combine aromatic solids (e.g. herbs, spices, fruit) and a liquid (e.g. alcohol, oil, water, vinegar) in the iSi Whipper. By applying pressure into the iSi Whipper using an iSi cream charger, the flavor of the solids becomes infused into the liquid, which develops a unique taste.

When using the iSi Whipper for Rapid Infusion applications, iSi Rapid Infusion accessories provide an easy way of reducing the pressure and collecting any escaping foam or liquid in a container. The insertable sieve reduces the ability of solid particles to pass through and enter the head. The sieve is not used to empty the liquid from the bottle; this should be done using the sieve from the iSi funnel & sieve set or any fine mesh sieve.

The package contains:

  • 1 sieve gasket 100 % silicone mounted on 1 sieve 100 % stainless steel
  • 1 ventilation tube 100 % stainless steel
  • 1 silicone tube 100 % silicone
  • 1 cleaning brush


How to use Rapid Infusion correctly

iSi Recipes

F.A.Q. Questions & Answers

How does Rapid Infusion work ?

N2O flows out of the iSi cream charger into the iSi Whipper, forcing the liquid and the  N2O to organically combine together under high pressure with the flavoring substance. When the pressure in the Whipper is released, the N2O forms bubbles and takes on the flavors of the ingredient. This means the aroma has been transferred into the liquid.

Tips for the bar

Fresh taste.
Certain ingredients such as lemon zest cannot be used in the classic, time-consuming infusion techniques, since they decompose over time. In the conventional method, a long resting time can result in spoiled ingredients. Rapid Infusion maintains the fresh and natural taste of the products used since it happens so quickly.

Balanced taste.
Hot and spicy? Yes please, but not only! With Rapid Infusion you can also dilute the flavor profiles that are not intended to be too strong. For example, chili peppers. With the conventional infusion process, undesirable flavors remain, lending the food an undesirably strong spiciness. Rapid Infusion preserves the natural flavor of chili peppers, and provides spiciness and flavor in balanced proportions.

Reduces bitter taste.
The bitter compounds in many foods take longer to be extracted than the more desirable flavors. The end result with Rapid Infusion is therefore much less bitter than the result of traditional, time-consuming techniques. Due to a faster process, the most desirable flavors of coffee or chocolate hold their unique flavor profile.

Tips for the kitchen

Right temperature.
Temperature plays an important role in Rapid Infusion. For best results use ingredients at room temperature to infuse as much flavor as possible into the liquid. If you would like to infuse a liquid into solids (ex. raspberries), it is recommended to chill the solid ingredients first before placing them in the iSi bottle. The solid ingredients can thus take on the flavor of the liquid.

Maximum filling level.
The liquid level in the iSi Whipper determines the pressure. In order to achieve the best possible results, pay close attention to the line marking the maximum filling level.

Optimum rest period.
For the “flavor exchange” of Rapid Infusion to occur, ingredients must rest for a certain amount of time to the pressure in the iSi Whipper. For this reason, it is important to follow the indicated rest periods.

Quick venting.
Quickly venting the gas is essential to creating a perfectly infused recipe.