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Herzlich Willkommen bei iSi Kulinarik!

Für Ihr Land stehen spezifische Inhalte & Produkte zur Verfügung. Um die digitale Welt von iSi zu entdecken, besuchen Sie bitte

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Sodamaker Classic.

The iSi Sodamaker Classic.

For refreshing, sparkling soda water to quench your thirst or to create highballs and cocktails.

  • Design and elegance for upscale drinking pleasure
  • Decorative lifestyle product in a classic vintage look
  • Handcrafted product with high-quality stainless steel
  • Proven quality from Austria for longevity and reliability
  • Easy and fast preparation of soda water
  • For the perfect result use 1 iSi Soda Charger

Enjoy soda water just like in the good old days!

150 years ago Carl Pochtler crafted our first Soda Siphons in Vienna, bringing fizz into our lives and igniting our passion for excellence. Now in the 5th generation of our family business, we reaffirm our values in the iSi spirit of Integrity, Sustainability and Independence, creating inspiring products for a sparkling future.


Soda Charger

Soda Charger

Get the perfect results with original iSi soda chargers!

Spare parts Sodamaker Classic 1 L / 1 US Quart

Where can I get replacement parts for my iSi Whipper?

Replacement parts can be ordered by e-mail. Please send us the following information:

  • The whipper you need a replacement part for
  • The color of your whipper
  • The date of manufacture (located on the base of the bottle)
  • The replacement part you need (e.g., decorator tip, charger holder, or head gasket)
  • Your name and your complete mailing address
  • Your telephone number for queriess

Please send all information to

Who takes care of repairs for my iSi Whipper?

You can send your iSi Whipper to our factory.

iSi GmbH
c/o Customer Service
Kürschnergasse 4
1217 Vienna

Please only send complete whippers for repairs. Please include a brief description of the fault with your whipper. 

How to use the Sodamaker Classic correctly


Please note the instruction manual!

iSi Recipes

F.A.Q. Questions & Answers

Why does my iSi Soda Siphon release water immediately after I screw on the charger?

Never fill the bottle without having first inserted the measuring tube. The measuring tube must sit securely in the bottle neck. The bottle is full when the water starts to spill out of the measuring tube. Do not try to add more water by tilting or shaking the bottle.

My soda has hardly any carbonation. What is the reason for this?

Observe the following instructions when preparing your water:
Fill the bottle with cold water.
After screwing on the charger, shake the whipper a min. of 5 times.
If the water is cold when poured in and the siphon is kept in a cool place, then the soda water will be particularly fizzy. 

Can I use bottle components from other companies with iSi components?

You should only use iSi original components. The individual components of iSi Whippers are tailored to work perfectly together. Never combine your iSi Whipper parts with those from other manufacturers as we cannot provide a guarantee for them. iSi heads are marked on the head and charger holder. iSi bottles are marked on the base.

Can I put juices or alcohol in the iSi Soda Siphon?

The iSi Soda Siphon is only suitable for the preparation of water.  

Kann ich den Kapselhalter nach dem Begasen auf der Flasche lassen?

Nein, der Kapselhalter samt Kapsel muss nach dem Begasen wieder abgeschraubt werden und die die Staubkappe auf das Gaseinlassventil gesetzt werden.

Wie soll ich das Gerät bei Nichtgebrauch am besten aufbewahren?

Bewahren Sie das iSi Gerät offen auf, d.h. den Kopf nicht auf die Flasche schrauben, um etwaige Restnässe (von der Reinigung) im Gerät und daraus entstehende Schimmel- und Geruchsbildung zu vermeiden.