iSi Components’ gas cylinders are employed day after day in inflatable aviation lifejackets. Our comprehensive product range meets the aviation’s stringent quality and safety standards and includes appropriate gas cylinders for all lifejacket styles. Whether it is the FAA- or CAA-compliant life jackets, lifejacket manufacturers worldwide rely on gas cylinders from iSi Components.



Whether on oil rigs, tankers, cruise ships, fishing boats or yachts, in emergencies world wide, iSi Components provides reliable split-second inflation of life-saving equipment such as life jackets, life buoys or one-and two-man liferafts.  Our gas cylinders comply with international standards such as EN-ISO 12402-7 and are also recognized by official bodies such as the Underwriters Laboratories in the United States.



When it comes to the best compact energy from a gas cylinder, militaries around the world have trusted iSi Components for decades. Designed and produced in accordance with the strictest specifications such as MIL-PRF-25369, SAE AS6011 or BASE 01/87, our gas cylinders are used in military life jackets and islands, submarine evacuation equipment as well as sonar buoys and emergency ditching systems of unmanned aircraft.



Avalanches develop their destructive power in fractions of seconds. It takes just as long to inflate, in many cases, a life saving avalanche airbag with the help of a gas cylinder. At iSi Components, we are constantly developing our gas cylinders to increase the performance for such extreme applications. 



CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Highly Versatile, High Gas Yield

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N2 - Nitrogen

Temperature Independent Performance

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