In cryotherapy, therapeutic cooling is used in many different areas. Starting in the field of dermatology, numerous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures have recently been developed, that center around the targeted use of cryotherapy. Especially for treatments of the skin surface, iSi Components’ N2O cylinders have proven to be useful in a variety of lightweight, compact and user-such as patient-friendly devices.


Modern operating rooms are dominated by a glut of technical equipment. iSi Components’ gas cylinders help in the optimization of existing and proven equipment, and in replacing  it with more compact pneumatic system solutions. This new generation of surgical instruments is independent of central supply lines, thus they are more flexible and easier to handle for the surgeon.


Compact, portable, efficient and patient-friendly: These are the properties that characterize the latest minimally invasive medical instruments.

World-wide, iSi Components, together with leading medical technology companies, develops tailor-made compressed gas cylinders for innovative treatments. Already today, our special cylinders are used in systems with cryo catheters for cardiology, balloon catheters for vascular dilatation and in systems for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.


N2O - Nitrous Oxide

Therapeutic Cooling Medium

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Ar - Argon

Protective Atmospheres

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Special Fills

Cusomized Solutions for your Applications

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