Different forms of gas cylinder based show effects are rapidly replacing increasingly expensive and somewhat dangerous pyrotechnical special effects and provide the suitable accompaniment at parties & events or as part of theater productions.


The significance of scientific research depends on the reliability of the instruments used. Elaborate cleaning processes incorporated in the production processes and the use of high quality gases qualify disposable gas cylinders from iSi Components as calibration reference for higly sensitive research and environmental engineering systems as photosynthesis analysis devices or portable gas detectors.


The basic requirement for a stress-free examination and treatment of certain animals is a gentle anesthesia . CO2 based tranquilizer weapons, fulfill this task according to the current state of veterinary research, through a fast, reliable and gentle application of the narcotic. Reliability also characterizes  iSi Compontens’ gas cylinders, which is what makes them the component of choice in this delicate application.


Decades of experience and leadership in the culinary field of our parent company, iSi GmbH, makes iSi Components a competent partner for the development of new systems in the food industry.

Even now, manufacturers of wine preservation equipment rely on the quality and purity of iSi Components’ gas cylinders.



N2 - Nitrogen

Temperature Independent Performance

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N2O - Nitrous Oxide

Therapeutic Cooling Medium

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Argon (Ar)

Argon (Ar)

Protective Atmospheres

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