CO2 Weapons

Safety is of utmost importance when compressed CO2 is used as a propellant. iSi Components is aware of this responsibility and provides safety through the highest quality. In athletic competition, as well as special training for police and military, iSi Components’ 12g CO2 cylinders have been proven and excel in a variety of CO2 weapons - from precise competition equipment to high-quality replica weapons to Law Enforcement products. Special gas fillings with lubricating additives help to extend the life of these weapons.


A hand pump, as powerful as a compressor? Gas cylinders from iSi Components make the impossible possible: Already in the 1980’s a gas cylinder was used, for the first time, as part of a motorcycle repair kit in conjunction with a simple piercing device. The idea quickly found it’s way into the bicycle market, where a thriving niche market was created. Simple piercing devices became innovative inflators and hybrid pumps. With a constantly growing customizable offering we can produce gas cylinders with individual design. But one thing has not changed: as a pioneer in this field, iSi Components supplies leading manufacturers with gas cylinders, which are produced to the same exact standards as those that reliably inflate emergency life vests, and thus ensure the necessary survival buoyancy.



CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

Highly Versatile, High Gas Yield

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Special Fills

Special Fills

Cusomized Solutions for your Applications

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