1. Third-party Rights ("Proprietary Rights")
a) Users of www.isi.com acknowledge that rights (copyrights, property rights) exist for all contributions accessible via www.isi.com, such as information, text, photos, user names, etc. (in short "portal information"). Usage is therefore only permitted in accordance with the legal regulations.

b) In particular, any commercial utilization, disclosure of information, other reproduction, distribution, publication, compilation, or addition to directories in any form whatsoever (online, CD-ROM, internet, print) as well as storage or compilation in a database or as a collection requires the express prior consent of the owner of the rights.

2. Transfer of Rights, Granting of Rights
For recipes that are submitted and subsequently uploaded, all rights are transferred to iSi without restriction and free of charge. The user therefore grants iSi, either themselves or on behalf of the owner of the rights, the non-exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, publish, change, edit, or translate these contributions, integrate them into other contributions in any form, use them for commercial purposes, or publish them in databases or collections or its own works, free of charge and without restrictions in terms of time, location, and content on the internet on www.isi-recipes.com and/or in printed form. Contributions entered by users in particular may therefore be published or distributed at any time, in print or online media, by SMS, mobile services, or via other technical methods.

3. Liability
a) If contributions are uploaded and made accessible by users or by users on behalf of third parties, iSi shall accept no liability whatsoever for the content, accuracy, or reliability of the contributions, for keeping them up-to-date, or for any typographical or transmission errors.
b) Under no circumstances will iSi accept liability for any losses or damages incurred by the user as the result of relying on information obtained by using www.isi.com.
c) If the internet address www.isi.com and its subpages contain as to other websites, iSi shall accept no responsibility either for the content (e.g., illegal, erroneous, or incomplete contributions) of these websites, or for damage arising from the use of aed information.

4. Data Protection
a) The provisions of the most recent version of the law on data protection are complied with. Users agree that the master data which they submit will be saved by iSi and processed for the purposes of iSi's own market research and advertising. Users expressly consent to receiving information from iSi in the form of mass e-mails and also for the purposes of advertising and promotions. This consent may be withdrawn by users at any time.
b) Users shall keep their user name and/or password confidential as well as all data which would enable unauthorized access to their online account and shall protect against unauthorized access by third parties. iSi accepts no responsibility for unauthorized or improper use. Users are liable for third parties using iSi services from their account. Users must report any unauthorized or improper use of their user name and/or password without delay.
c) Data entered by users shall not be passed on to third parties.