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Get to know the art of espumas with the iSi system

What is an espuma?

Espuma is the Spanish word for foam. This term was coined first by the pioneer of avant-garde and molecular cuisine and Spanish top chef, Ferran Adrià. He wanted to interpret the flavor of food in a new way.

Today, the preparation of espumas is well-known everywhere. All over the world, dishes are transformed into airily light foams. For this purpose, iSi Whippers are the perfect tool. And this is how a traditional kitchen appliance became a companion to avant-garde cuisine, and espumas became a popular element of the modern kitchen.

Whip up an espuma easily!


Pour in the liquid.

Fill the iSi Whipper with the liquid preparation up to the maximum filling capacity indicated on the outside of the bottle.


Screw on the charger holder.

Screw on the charger holder with the inserted iSi cream charger onto the upright iSi Whipper.


Shake the Whipper.

Vigorously shake the iSi Whipper.


Dispense the preparation.

To remove, always use the iSi Whipper head down.

Advantages of the espuma technique

Endless creativity.

You can prepare espumas from purees, cream and extracts, from juices, coulis and even from soups or sauces. The deciding factor in this process is the binding agent used, also known as the texturizer. You can find application and recipe ideas in our iSi recipe app and in our recipe database.

Pure taste.

Reinterpret the flavor of foods. Thanks to the espuma technique, the pure, natural flavor of each and every food is brought forth. These pure aromas bestow the dishes with the best possible flavor - giving creations an authentic identity and harmonic mouthfeel, or as Ferran Adrià puts it: brings out the "soul" of your creation so that it can be experienced.

Uniform consistency.

The density of the foams depends on their composition and the resting and cooling time. Two different preparations can, depending on how much binding agent was used, set at very different densities. Here, the spectrum ranges from firm like a mousse to creamy like a foamed soup to runny like a sauce.


Different stabilizers are needed depending on whether you are making cold or warm espumas.

Stabilizers are divided into categories according to the base:

Fat-based stabilizer.

This group can be sub-divided into two groups: animal and vegetable fats. The best-known example of a foam bound by animal fat is whipped cream.

Starch-based stabilizer.

Potato and vegetable starch, rice and wheat flour can be used for both cold and warm foams. They are suitable for creating soups as well as batters.

Egg-based stabilizer.

If eggs are being used as a binding agent, you can create either cold or warm foam.

Gelatin-based stabilizer.

One of the best known stabilizers is gelatin.

Recipes with the finest espumas

Fried Veal Fillet with Green Asparagus and Hollandaise Sauce

Fancy some asparagus with hollandaise sauce? Here's a light recipe for an even lighter sauce for you!

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What do you need for the iSi technique?

Gourmet Whip

For the preparation of light and fluffy Espumas, finger food, warm and cold sauces and whipped soups, as well as whipped cream and desserts. For cold and hot preparations. Stainless steel bottle and head - designed for professional use.

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Thermo Whip

The versatile tool for cooking & catering convenience. For the preparation of light and fluffy Espumas, finger food, warm and cold sauces and whipped soups, as well as whipped cream and desserts. Stainless steel bottle and head – designed for the professional use.

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Thermo Xpress Whip

For the preparation of fresh whipped cream. Also suitable for warm and cold applications such as Espumas, finger food, sauces and desserts. Freestanding device with riser tube system and push-button operation. Double-walled, stainless steel vacuum-insulated bottle with maximum thermal performance: keeps creations cold or hot for hours.

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Cream Chargers

Get the perfect results with the original iSi cream chargers!

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