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We are constantly measuring ourselves against the very thing which gives our work its meaning.

Values come about through work; they grow out of what we do on a day-to-day basis. Simply setting our own values was not enough to satisfy us. Values must be lived. For iSi, they represent both the foundations and the objective of our daily business. Only those who are aware of this, and who sincerely face up to the challenges that result can fulfill their mission, and make their vision a reality.


Our vision is a description of our self-conception, our fundamental values. It forms the basis for all of our actions, and is at the same time a benchmark against which we can measure our decisions. It allows us to remain self-critical, so that we never avoid questioning whether we are on the right path.


Out of this self-perception, objectives grow, and ideas come about as to what should happen next. Today springs forth questions about tomorrow. That is the mission. An explanation, a definition of our strategy and the values we want to use to create the future.

Innovations cannot be controlled, they must be able to develop by themselves. They cannot be made to appear at the press of a button. However, they can be given space, and the environment for stimulating innovation can be created. Innovation can be found and encouraged. And that is exactly what we do.

Knowing in what areas you are good, or excellent, and concentrating on them. Finding niches, occupying them, and doing everything to stay in them. Staying ahead, yet without losing sight of the Other, the Unusual. This is how we have managed to hold our ground so far, and we want it to stay that way.

From strong roots grow branches to the rest of the world. Anyone exporting ninety percent of their output to eighty different countries can certainly call themselves international. Allowing this fact to feed into your own thoughts, however, is more difficult. Nonetheless, in our experience, it’s worth it.