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The 6 most common mistakes

We are always there for you – and for us that also means answering your questions, providing assistance and advice.

We have listed the most common mistakes for you below, so that nothing is getting in the way of having an inspiring experience with iSi Whippern.


The 6 most common mistakes

No. 1: Screwing on the nozzle too tightly.

Sometimes it's the little things: do not tighten it too much when you are screwing the nozzle onto the Gourmet Whip. See that little black ring at the end of the socket? This ring will be damaged.

No. 2: Screwing on the head too tightly

The same applies to screwing the head onto the bottle: after the stop, just turn it a little further. If you make it tighter, you won't damage the head or the bottle, but you may end up needing to visit to the gym: because of the bottle's residual pressure, even after complete venting the head will be tighter than it was when you screwed it on and be very difficult to unscrew.

No. 3: Not removing the capsule holder after gas filling.

Many people do not know why it is so important to unscrew the capsule holder after gas filling and to mount the protective cap. In addition to optical reasons, this has two further advantages:

  1. The Whip will take up much less space in the refrigerator without the charger holder.
  2. If the Whip is stored with the charger screwed on, the screw-in part can become rusty.

No. 4: Screwing on too many chargers

One of the golden iSi rules is: for 0.5 L and 0.25 L Food Whipper always use 1 charger, for 1 L Whip always 2 chargers.

You can believe us: if you use more chargers than recommended it will not have an effect. Our built-in pressure relief valve will ensure that the excess gas escapes. You are blowing money into the air with every extra charger!

No. 5: Not cleaning thoroughly

We know you love your Whip, and that's why you should take care of it and clean it as well as you can! Unfortunately, even the smallest particles and bits of dust can sometimes clog the head. This results in a problem that most customers describe as: "My appliance is leaking" or "My appliance no longer takes in gas".

To prevent this problem, we have included a small cleaning brush with your Whip. Use this brush to clean the dosing device, and be sure to thoroughly clean the head with warm water after each use.

We recommend this cleaning position for the Gourmet Whip: push the small black ring (see picture below) downwards with the end of the brush, rinse it with water and put it in the dishwasher.

Error no. 6: Not trying your own experiments

You will find many delicious recipes in our database – please try them all. But you can also test and try your own experiments. Flavour oil with your favourite flavour combination, create an espuma according to your taste, or try marinating vegetables or meat with your favourite spices.

You can find tips and help here in our cooking school.

Cooking is a passion and a joy – enjoy it!