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With 4 tips for perfect whipped cream

Anyone can whip cream? Yes, we agree! With a few simple tricks from our Culinary R&D Rainer Kratzer you will get perfect results and save money!

With 4 tips for perfect whipped cream

Fill with cream

Directly fill an iSi Whip with cream. Tip 1: Always use well chilled cream! Why? Cream largely consists of fat, which has a higher stability when cold – exactly what we need for a firm cream topping!

Unscrew the charger

With our Food Whippern there is a simple rule: For 0.5 L and 0.25 L Whipper always use 1 charger, for a 1 L Whip always 2 chargers. Tip 2: It doesn't matter how much mixture the Whip is filled with – you can't fill it with too little! However, make sure not to exceed the maximum filling quantity!


Shake the Whip three times. Tip 3: Now try it! Put a small dollop on a plate – are you satisfied with the consistency? If so, put the Whip in the fridge without further shaking.

If the cream is too liquid, shake again and give it another try. Repeat the process until you have achieved a result that's perfect for you.

Correct storage

If you don't consume the cream right away or not completely, store the Whip in the refrigerator. The cream will remain fresh for up to 10 days, keeping its consistency.

Tip 4: Do not shake before each use! Too much shaking results in higher residual amounts in the Whip – and that means cash!