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17. July 2015 Bianca Primavesi

Fast food without bullshit

Fast food without bullshit

Thanks to the mobile kitchen, the Wrapstars can change their location several times a day, in order to provide better food everywhere! The maxim behind their street food concept is to make as much as possible themselves and to use only the highest-quality ingredients in the process. With their elaborately prepared wraps in burrito style – vegetarian or with slowly cooked organic meat specialties, salsas and homemade sauces freshly prepared every day, they spoil their guests with fast food of the highest quality, bringing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to Vienna for the first time as its official ambassadors.


As the son of an enthusiastic cooking family, David Weber had already started gaining his first experience in the kitchen at just 10 years old, together with his mom and grandma. However, it is Jamie Oliver that he has to thank for his culinary passion, who till this day is one of his biggest role models. At the young age of 15 years, David had the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his idol, as he managed to snatch up a 3-month internship with the Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, Jamie Oliver’s mentor and, by now, good friend. He then went on to realize his great dream of some day working together with the star chef in Jamie Oliver’s “Fifteen”. The opportunity to learn from a “food revolutionary” himself has strongly influenced the talented cook in his approach to food, and continues to influence him to this day.

Still on the search for his own style, David Weber is, however, sure of one thing: only the best ingredients make it onto the plate, preferably fresh out the garden. For this, the young cook has even created his own vegetable garden in a rented allotment garden. Cultivating vegetables properly is an art, and in order to perfect this, David chose to study agricultural science on the side, which, however, soon led him back to the conclusion: “You don’t have to study in order to be able to cook, you simply have to cook a lot!” And since then, David Weber has stayed true to this principle: “The inspiration for new dining concepts only comes from trying things out.”

Despite his preference for traditional dishes, David is also quite happy to let a vacation inspire him to more exotic dishes from time to time. The talented cook has gathered most of his experience in Italian cuisine; it is not for nothing that pasta made from homemade dough is among his favorite meals. Since iSi was already an integral part of his Grandma’s kitchen, David practically grew up with it. Today he can hardly imagine cooking without an iSi Whipper. In keeping with his street food concept, David Weber has created two dessert variations especially for iSi – have fun trying them out!


When David is not out and about with his food truck, then he can be found – since recently – in the Gasthaus Haberl in Walkersdorf, where he is currently enjoying further training under chef Hans-Peter Fink. Whoever believes that David Weber wrote “The Food Truck Handbook” is, in this case, mistaken. As fate often has it, the publisher simply has the same name purely by chance. For the meantime, the young chef is keeping his recipes for success to himself, although there are already several German publishing companies who would be very happy to see a cookbook by the Wrapstars: “I don’t want to write about food, but make food that people write about!” That he has definitely achieved!

Photo credit portrait: © Wrapstars
Photo credit Foodtruck: © Nima Kazem