Bellini Espuma

a special coronation

Bellini Espuma

The Bellini Espuma crowns rosé sparkling wine or prosecco.

  • 3 × sheet(s) of gelatin
  • 75 ml sugar syrup
  • 75 ml apricot liqueur
  • 200 g apricot purée
  • 40 g Basic Textur
  • 150 ml apricot juice


Soak the gelatin in cold water. Heat 25 g of apricot puree and dissolve the pressed gelatin in it. Add the remaining ingredients slowly and stir well.


Pour into a 0.5 l iSi Whipper, screw on 1 iSi Cream Charger and shake vigorously. Leave to cool in the refrigerator for a min. of 6 hours. Shake vigorously once more before serving.


Serve as the crown for rosé sparkling wine or prosecco.

Recipe by Johann Vranek, Restaurant Yellow House, Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

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