Individual cream quality.

Classic cream applications

Delicious cream creations are a piece of cake with iSi! Classic whipped cream, flavored cream or cold cream-based desserts - whatever your pleasure, let your creativity run wild.

Classic cream application

All over the world, sweet and spicy espumas, foams, sauces, cocktails and many other culinary delicacies are created with iSi Whippers. However, a major focus in the range of application of the last 50 years is and remains the classic preparation of cream.

Delicious cream creations are a piece of cake with iSi! Classic whipped cream, flavored cream or cold cream-based desserts -whatever your pleasure, let your creativity run wild.

1 | Pour in the liquid. | Fill the iSi Whipper with the liquid preparation up to the maximum filling capacity  indicated on the outside of the bottle.2 | Screw on the charger holder. |  Screw on the charger holder with the inserted iSi cream charger onto the upright iSi Whipper.3 | Shake the Whipper. | Vigorously shake the iSi Whipper.4 | Dispense the preparation. | To remove, always use the iSi Whipper head down.

The advantages of cream applications with iSi

  1. Individual cream quality.

    With iSi Whippers for home use as well as in the professional kitchen, whipped cream can be prepared quickly and easily every time. Refine your cream according to your individual wishes. You also determine the basic product yourself: choose pasteurized, fresh, long life, or plant-based cream, with sugar or syrup for taste. Here, there are no limits to your creativity.

  2. Pure flavor.

    iSi Whippers make it easy as pie to whip up something wonderful without the addition of preservatives. Whipped cream in an iSi whipper may be kept fresh in refrigeration for several days. Now you can finish off your coffee or dessert every day with a consistently delicious swirl of fresh whipped cream.

Basic recommendations for optimal results when preparing fresh whipped cream:
  • Ensure that the iSi Whipper and the cream are well chilled.
    It is advisable to briefly pre-chill your iSi Whipper in the refrigerator and to make 100 % sure that you do not use a whipper that is still warm from being washed. UHT cream should be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours before being used in your whipper.
  • Do not overfill the whipper!
    Keep to the specified maximum filling capacity of the iSi Whipper (0.25 L [8.5 fl. oz], 0.5 L [17 fl. oz]or 1 L [34 fl. oz]). The remaining empty space (gas space) is required for optimal whipping results. Use a measuring cup to do this!
  • Shake the whipper after screwing on each charger
    1 charger for a 0.25 L and a 0.5 L [17 fl. oz] whipper, 2 chargers for a 1 L [34 fl. oz] whipper. Be sure to shake the whipper after the introduction of gas from each charger.
  • Pay attention to the correct fat content.
    Our experience shows that best results are achieved with cream that contains a minimum fat content of 30 % and maximum of 36 % fat. Generally speaking, the lower the fat content of the cream, the more shaking is required to mix the cream and gas. On the other hand, you must take care that cream with a high fat content is not shaken too much. As soon as the desired consistency is reached, the iSi Whipper should not be shaken even one more time. It is also not necessary to shake it any more for repeated removal. Over shaking will reduce the yield of whipped cream.
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