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26. March 2014

Andreas Döllerer’s Genusswelten: a world of pleasure

Andreas Döllerer’s Genusswelten: a world of pleasure

The Döllerer family has owned the gastronomy business ever since 1909, when it was still just a small guesthouse with its own butchery. However, slowly but surely, the family set course for the world of top-notch gastronomy, receiving their first Gault Millau toque in 1983, during a time in which awards such as this were still relatively unknown in Austria. The second toque was awarded in the late 80s, the third in 1997. Not an easy legacy to live up to for the young Andreas Döllerer, who was the first in his family with the aspiration of taking over the house kitchen.

“It gathered momentum relatively quickly.”

Equipped with great talent and passion, ambitious goals and absolute determination, Döllerer took over the culinary reign of excellence established by the family business and became a rising star in the Austrian gastronomy scene in 2003, when at the age of only 23 he cooked up three Gault Millau toques for Döllerer’s Genießerrestaurant (gourmet restaurant) and two toques for Döllerer’s Wirtshaus (tavern) quite literally at the drop of a hat. Numerous accolades followed, such as “Newcomer of the Year 2007”, “Chef of the Year 2010” and “Restaurateur of the Year 2013”, as well as the highest number of points awarded by the Gault Millau every year (18 points).

“I don’t need the most spectacular products, just the highest quality.”

The gourmet restaurant, which is among the top 10 restaurants in Austria, is especially well-known for Döllerer’s “Cuisine Alpine”. The basis for this kitchen line is provided by products from the alpine region, all of which are available in the immediate surroundings. Andreas Döllerer prefers to use only products that can be found within the area of Golling, the Salzburg region and Austria. With a large portion of creativity and boldness, he then whips up true culinary delights from relatively simple products, such as “Salted celeriac with egg yolk comfit and crème fraîche”. You can find the recipe here!

“You have to go through life with your eyes open.”

But more unusual alpine products such as “Gletscherschliff” (fennel baked in glacier-polished rocks) or “nasturtium roots” can also be found in the renowned chef’s menu creations. Many cooks strive to leave a lasting culinary impression on their guests and provide a spectacular guest experience. Yet only very few achieve the feat of putting an emphasis on the food in its purest form without putting on too big a show and an excess of extravagance.

"I have found a good balance.”

His success speaks for itself: Andreas Döllerer has perfected the balancing act between the traditional kitchen and fine cuisine. But despite a total of five Gault Millau toques, the exceptional chef still feels no pressure to succeed. The “Döllerer’s Genussweltenempire, which includes a hotel, restaurant, inn, butchery, wine store and wine trading house, takes up so much time that there is simply none left to dwell on the pressure to succeed. And as Andreas Döllerer says himself: “I have plenty of time, and I still need some goals for the next few years.”

We are excited to see what this top chef is going to surprise us with in the future!