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17. December 2015 Nina Enter

Cooking Catrin

Cooking Catrin


 “I like cooking more than eating.”

Interestingly, the name of the blog “cookingCatrin” has existed for a lot longer than the blog itself. After Catrin taught herself to cook step-by-step using recipes from the internet in her early 20s, she naturally wanted to show off her cooking skills to her friends too. They were immediately so delighted that they switched from cookingKhan, their then favorite restaurant in Salzburg, to cookingCatrin, i.e. Catrin’s own four walls. By now, the likeable cook, who has chosen the region of Carinthia as her home, cooks several times a day in order to not only satisfy her family, but also to provide her numerous fans and readers with new recipe ideas.

“My cooking style is simple, ‘in no time’ yet refined.”

Just like the chef Gusteau in the movie “Ratatouille”, Catrin is also of the opinion that “Anyone can cook”. This is why her recipes, which are lovingly prepared and artistically presented by her husband, despite being very sophisticated, are nonetheless easy to cook in your own home. Her own style comes out particularly beautifully in her favorite dish – risotto. Here, the array offered on her blog goes all the way from the more classic herbal risotto to a creative variation in the form of a Rosé Champagne risotto. But cookingCatrin’s pulse also quickens at the thought of pasta, quiche, cakes and tortes. The blogger’s effusive wealth of ideas is, alongside the various “classic” sources of inspiration, also influenced by her pantry: “Firstly, it’s bursting at the seams, and secondly, it’s as well-assorted as a small delicatessen.”

Catrin is a true multi-talent – food blog, columns, printed series and collaborations are lining up left and right. In addition, she is also a joyful mother to her one-year-old son and also runs the baby blog Matteos World “on the side”. It practically goes without saying that here, in the kitchen, everything has to follow her motto of “in no time”. For this reason she used the iSi Dessert Whip PLUS for the preparation of her “Lightening-Fast Lebkuchen Mousse”. The end result speaks for itself:

Lebkuchen mousse

With all the creative experimentation with new recipes, a few mishaps do occur from time to time. The biggest “whoops”, according to Catrin herself, manifested itself in the preparation of a liquid vodka sorbet which (wonder of wonders ;)) simply refused to freeze!

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