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17. December 2015 Nina Enter

Ready to be served…

Ready to be served…

Frank Oehler’s meteoric career began at the early age of 16 – due to his lack of enthusiasm for school, an apprenticeship was arranged for him there and then in the restaurant “Adler Rummeltshausen”. After completing his apprenticeship with distinction, he took his first steps into high-end gastronomy – from the award-winning restaurant at the Seehotel Siber to Dieter Müller’s “Schweizer Stuben”, he ventured out further into international territory, to London and Basel.

Back in Germany once more, things got going very quickly. During his time in his own restaurant “d’Rescht”, Frank Oehler secured his place in the gourmet elite and was awarded his first Michelin star in the year 2000. But he was not to be stopped there: further stars soon followed during each of his respective positions in the luxury hotel “Las Dunas” and in the Hotel Restaurant Erbprinz.

As kitchen director in the “Erbprinz in Ettlingen”, Frank Oehler not only brought the restaurant culinary fame thanks to his unique cross-cultural cuisine, but with his recipes, he also provided the basis for the film “Eden”, which portrays the power and eroticism of cooking and eating. All dishes for the film were conceived by Frank Oehler, and it is here that the emergence of the “Cucina Erotica” originates. For all those who wish to experience this art of seduction for themselves, the top chef has written the recipes down in a cookbook.

But anyone who would rather let the award-winning chef cook for them in person makes their way to Stuttgart, to the Speisemeisterei at Hohenheim Palace. The gourmet kitchen, which has held a Michelin star since 2009, offers its guest three menus that alternate every 8 weeks and that could not be more different. The menu “Stuttgart” consists exclusively of products from the surrounding state of Baden-Württemberg, while there are definitely more exotic ingredients to be found in the menu “Speisemeisterei”. And even the often-ignored meatless cuisine lives up to its Michelin star standards with Frank Oehler – an absolute hit amongst vegetarians.

You can try out two examples of his award-winning talent right now:

Hollandaise sauce

Aerated chocolate

It is well-known that the hospitality industry is a tough place to survive in, and that the ambitious plans of gastronomes do not always come to fruition. This is why the top chef, along with his colleagues Andreas Schweiger, Ole Plogstedt and Nils Egtermeyer, participates in the German RTL II program “Die Kochprofis – Einsatz am Herd” (The Cooking Professionals) in order to help put stranded restaurateurs back on the right track.

Photo credit portrait & recipes: © Emily Montana
Photo credit restaurant: © Dennis Walz, Stuttgart