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24. September 2013

iSi Inspiring Dinner & Workshop

iSi Inspiring Dinner & Workshop

In the cozy premises of the cookery school, located in strategic proximity to Vienna's famous Naschmarkt, our iSi Global Culinary Ambassador Christoph Moser made his debut in an exchange with Digital Natives.

In the Austrian blogger scene, foodies are becoming increasingly important alongside traditional lifestyle bloggers. They inspire their numerous followers with innovative culinary discussions and imaginative recipe ideas, illustrated with explanatory and inspiring photos. And all this is at an expert level which surprised even our iSi Global Culinary Ambassador Christoph Moser. At our iSi Inspiring Dinner & Workshop there was casual discussion of developing taste with Sous Vide cooking and using the Thermomix, even though these are by no means your average household devices. Therefore the interest in iSi and the numerous applications of the iSi Gourmet Whip was an exciting area for experimentation.

After getting to know each other first, the participants cooked together and practiced using iSi Whippers correctly. For some of the participants it was the first time that they have used the Whippers, but some were already honing their professional styles. Each course was prepared together, lovingly served up, and then enjoyed.

You can see impressions of our first iSi Inspiring Dinner & Workshop for food bloggers on our Facebook page.

The shared culinary end result was as follows:



Rice noodles with shrimp and coconut-chili foam


Pan fried meat with truffle potato foam and vegetables 

Curd cheese pancakes with apricots and vanilla foam


We are very proud of this successful kick-off event and are already playing with ideas for a follow-up event in Austria and Germany.

Our first participants were also very excited:

The evening was really great and was a true asset in many respects. We finally got to know some virtual friends in person, and we learned lots of new things too!

Bine/Bine kocht

Thank you for a great evening and the inspiration! It would be great if we could meet again in Munich sometime.


 Other guests of the evening: