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08. May 2015

iSi will be attending the NRA show

iSi will be attending the NRA show

Our booth # 7376 has been designed into 3 sections:

  • Professionals, Chef Louisa Chu & Mixologist Cristiana DeLucca, will be showcasing iSi Whippers, chargers, and accessories with a magical twist. They ask the question…. “What Would Harry Potter do?” to take today’s trending menu items to a whole new height with engaging flavor profiles and unexpected textures – all with their “magic (iSi Whipper) wands”.
  • DIY – Do It Yourself – an area where attendees are encouraged to handle the whippers and accessories. Product samples will be used to demonstrate how the iSi whipper and charger system works. Join us for hands-on demonstrations of charging whippers, and dispensing magical creations.
  • Our Cash ‘n Carry display is filled with steel reinforced silicone iSi  Basics® and stainless steel iSi Whipper Accessories. Stop by for a sparkling show special on these essential chef toys.

Chef Louisa Chu has shared her culinary journey on  our blog.  Next week she will be writing more about her planned food pairings with Mixologist Cristiana DeLucca’s amazing drink creations. Many will remember Cristiana from the “Wine and Spirits Show” last year. Cristiana and Louisa will be showcasing the NEW iSi Rapid Infusion tool – in stock now, and more powerful than Harry Potter’s famous “Nimbus 2000”!

Louisa Chu

Louisa Chu

Cristiana DeLucca

More information about the NRA show can be found here.

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