Flex~it® Measuring Cups.

Flex~it® Measuring Cups.

Flex~it® Flexible Measuring Cups.

  • Curved lip eliminates drips
  • Nests for space-saving storage
  • Heat resistant to 490 °F (254 °C)
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Few pieces of kitchen gear get as much use and as little design consideration as measuring cups. We sought to change that with measuring cups as well thought-out as they are attractive. Easy-to-read numbers (in both US and metric measurements) on translucent silicone make accurate measuring of any ingredient a snap. Silicone Flex~it® Measuring Cups form a spout anywhere along the rim for no-mess pouring. The radius of the lip is designed to make a precise pour and eliminate drips.

For smaller liquid or dry measurements, the newly introduced silicone Flex~it® Mini-Measuring Cup excels in providing a range of most commonly used measurements up to 2oz, 50mL, 8T, or 12tsp. A sturdy, flat bottom and flexible silicone can easily be poured into the narrowest of openings.

Available in:

  • Mini-Measuring Cup (2oz, 50mL, 8T, 12tsp)
  • 1 Cup
  • 2 Cup
  • 4 Cup
  • 3-piece Set

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