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Flex~it® Prep Bowls.

  • Secure air-tight lid keeps leftovers fresh for future use
  • Bowls are perfect for holding spices and pouring liquid measurements into tight spaces
  • Heat resistant to 490 °F (254 °C), Lids to 260 °F (126 °C)
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Ditch the mismatched bowls and miscellaneous containers and get prep bowls made for the task. They feature the same smart design as our mixing bowls and measuring cups with a pinch-to-pour rim, no-drip lip, plus the convenience of a secure omnidirectional lid. Our 2-ounce Pinch Bowls are perfect for keeping spices, oils, and other ingredients at the ready. The pinch-to-pour rim make these miniature bowls incredibly useful.

Available in:

  • Pinch Bowl Set
  • 3-piece Prep Bowl Set with Omnidirectional lids

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