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Steel-Reinforced Silicone Utensils

  • Full-length spring-steel core keeps its shape and provides flex
  • Sharp edges are efficient and accurate
  • Heat resistant to 600 °F (315 °C)
  • Seamless homogenous design is hygienic and dishwasher safe

Simple tools can’t hide their imperfections. That’s why we obsessed over every detail in our steel-reinforced utensils. Made of silicone with a full-length spring-steel core, our spatulas have just the right amount of flex for your needs. Sharp, firm edges provide efficient scraping coverage and a mix of curves and notches mean no matter what the shape of the container, even tight corners, the fit will be perfect. Seamless construction is graceful and eliminates food traps.

Spoon Spatula

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16 inch Paddle Spatula

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Slim Spatula

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Utility Spoon

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Wide Spatula

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13 inch Turner

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Scraper Spatula

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Moma Pan Scraper

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