Our airbag systems stand out because of their modular assembly. In particular, the head, side and knee airbags make use of Cool Inflator® technology to allow flexibility, standardization of components, and reduced package and weight requirements to be met.


Side airbags excel in their fast and reproducible positioning. The different variations such as thorax, head/thorax and thorax/pelvis airbags can be custom tailored for different load conditions as well as different vehicle configurations. Cold gas technology allows the use of light materials with minimal space requirements.


The protection of the head against direct hard contact with interior components as well as obstacles such as other vehicles or trees in the event of a side impact can achieved through different head airbag installations, for example, door-integrated head airbags for convertibles and roof-integrated airbags for conventional vehicles. Here we differentiate between sealed and unsealed head airbags. Our sealed head airbags (impermeable seam) are typically employed for protection systems including rollover protection where a holding time of at least 6 seconds is achieved according to FMVSS226 – the new regulation introduced in 2011 relating to ejection mitigation.


Passenger airbags are used to protect the passenger in the event of a frontal collision. They fulfill the legislative requirements in Europe, Asia and North America with one and two-stage gas generators as well as adaptive solutions, which, for example, can set the firmness of the airbag to account for different crash severities or occupant weights, and thereby optimize the restraint effect.


Our knee airbag concepts use Cool Inflator® technology as with the head and side airbags, since this allows the lightest airbag and an optimized package while ensuring the best restraint performance. Special folding technology allows fast and optimal positioning independent of installation location.


Pedestrian airbags are a possible solution to meeting the requirements laid out by European legislation for pedestrian protection. Using the modular system, iSi has designed a system, which in addition to meeting the specifications above also fulfils the EURO NCAP requirements.