Cool Inflator

Performance Characteristics:

With the same basic functionality, the EVO family is the logical extension of the Cool Inflator® CLASSIC, but with an axially oriented interface.

- radially orientated plug-in contact
- radial gas flow
- pure cold gas generator based on helium at up to 66 MPa
- excellent repeatability of performance
- modest spread in operating temperature range
- fast – time to first gas < 1ms
- performance range from 15 to 130 litres of expanded gas
- output of 0.5 to 5.0mol gas volume continuously scalable
- flexible adjustment of mass flow and onset
- qualified according to AK-LV, USCAR, etc.
- CE certified (BAM approved P1 or PT1)
- transport class 9 approved
- DOT approved

Output vs. Size

Cold Gas

Gas containers are an essential component of cold gas inflators and a decisive factor in their efficient and reliable operation. Gas containers by iSi Automotive are characterised by a highly efficient design requiring a minimum number of weld seams. The filling process, with inert gas at up to 66 MPa, and the welding process for sealing are completed in a single operation. Long term leak-tightness is ensured through a pressure test under temperature influence and a helium leakage test in a high vacuum on each individual gas container. All process and test data are single documented via serial number & barcode in order to provide
minute traceability.

The Cool Inflator®, a cold gas inflator developed by iSi Automotive, is equipped with the required gas container, which can be scaled continuously with respect to the required gas volume, according
to the needs of the customer.