iSi Automotive has its own in-house crash test laboratory for vehicle and horizontal sled impact testing. This allows for the testing of both complete vehicles as well as vehicle subsystems under various load conditions (frontal, side, rear as well as rollover and vehicle-to-vehicle impacts).
A wide range of tests including inflation, pendulum, out-of-position, drop tower and linear impact and alternating load tests can be performed in our static testing laboratories to guarantee the durability and energy absorption properties of our airbag products. Various tests including full-scale static deployments with a complete vehicle can be performed in our temperature chambers over a temperature range of -50°C to +120°C.
To ensure the optimal performance of occupant protection systems, even after years in the field, we are able to offer a complete set of environmental simulation tests including salt-spray, sun simulation, climatic change, dust and moisture.
All products are tested using computational simulation both as components and as part of an assembled vehicle system. Components and complete modules are analyzed and designed according to their rigidity, energy absorption, unfolding behavior as well as gas flow. These components can then be further optimized to improve performance under specific crash conditions.