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What iSi stands for

We are an international technology group at the highest level. As a family business with more than 150 years of company history, we offer you a familiar environment. As a Global Hidden Champion with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, we combine both tradition and innovation. Always looking ahead – together with our employees.


More than just a buzzword – we shape the future.

Are you innovative? So are we.
Innovation is our core task. We are constantly questioning the status quo and striving to become better – this has been the secret of our success for more than 150 years.
Do you think creatively? Can you think outside the box? We can offer you the freedom to do so.


From Vienna to the whole world – we are a global pioneer.

Are you international? So are we.
We are a cosmopolitan, global player with 16 locations on four continents and customers in over 90 countries worldwide.
Does your internationality affect your thoughts and actions? We can offer you an international environment.


Always on the move – we set the trends.

Are you inspiring? So are we.
Inspiration as origin, motivation, and the constant driving force of your actions. Our employees produce products of the highest quality. And that gives meaning and pride to our work.
Are you passionate about your ideas? Are you a trendsetter? With our experience and your expertise, we can offer you the possibility to implement your ideas.

iSi as an employer

We offer you optimal opportunities to work and develop – both internationally and personally. You will never get bored because we offer you an exciting and dynamic workplace with plenty of scope for creativity and development. We think it’s important that you feel comfortable with us.

iSi Components

Fridolin Schraffl - Production engineer

"In this social environment, you can gain insight into metal processing."

iSi Culinary

Melanie Thomann - Quality Management

"I like to work at iSi because my work is very varied."

iSi Culinary

Nadja Daunicht - Digital Marketing Manager

"Here I get the freedom I need to put my idea into practice."

iSi Components

Freddy Ledermüller - Quality Management

"The company attaches great importance to further training and encourages its employees."

Pochtler Industrieholding

Michaela Lukats - Assistant to the CEO

"iSi is a company with great products; I appreciate the trust they place in me."

iSi Automotive

Marco Kirchschläger - Production Engineer

"I really enjoy working with my colleagues."

Pochtler Industrieholding

Michael Plank - IT Expert

"Here I find a varied area of responsibility, where I will be able to develop professionally over the years."

iSi Components

Sabine Kleedorfer – Shift leader

"I like to supervise varied projects."

iSi Culinary

Matthias Purk – Constructer

"I can supervise the entire work-flow – from the idea phase to machine handover – which I think is great."

iSi Components

Gani Hoti – Production

"At iSi, you are encouraged to implement your ideas."

iSi Automotive

Bianca Eichler - Production Engineer

"Here I get a great chance to get involved."

iSi Automotive

Caroline Bleyl – Head of serial planning, purchasing

"At iSi, I can grow with the challenges."

Create. Innovate. Inspire.

Open Jobs

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Oferta de trabajo Ubicación Empleo Detalles

Manager Application Engineering / Leiter der Technischen Entwicklung (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (DE) Berlin, Alemania Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

technische/r EinkäuferIn - Supply Chain ManagerIn (m/w/d)

iSi Culinary, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Teamleiter Production Quality (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

FMEA-Moderator (m/w/d)

(DE) Hildesheim, Alemania Medio tiempo Descargar archivo

Project Engineer (m/w/d)

iSi Components, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

C#/.NET Entwickler (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

HR Global Projects (m/w/d) - Vollzeit oder Teilzeit

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Descargar archivo

Facharbeiter (m/w/d) - Fertigung von Rohrbehältern (umformen)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

SAP WM/Full WM Consultant (m/w/d)

Pochtler Industrieholding, (AT) Wien, Austria Descargar archivo

International E-Commerce Manager B2B & B2C(m/w/d)

Pochtler Industrieholding, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Prozessingenieur/Manufacturing Engineer (m/w/d) im Bereich Automotive

iSi Automotive, (DE) Hildesheim, Alemania Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Operator (f/m/d)

iSi Automotive, (HU) Szombathely, Hungría Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Head of Global Marketing (m/w/d)

iSi Culinary, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Mitarbeiter Datenmanagement im globalen Einkauf (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Advanced Quality Engineer (m/w/d) - Product Quality

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

EntwicklungsingenieurIn Produktionstechnik (all genders)

iSi Culinary, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Production Quality Engineer (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Facharbeiter Instandhaltung (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Projekteinkäufer (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Supply Chain Manager - Fertigungssteuerung (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

MitarbeiterIn im Bereich Finance / Group Treasury - 20-25 Wochenstunden, hybrides Arbeitszeitmodel (m/w/d)

iSi Automotive, (AT) Wien, Austria Medio tiempo Descargar archivo

Berechnungsingenieur (m/w/d) im Bereich Automotive

iSi Automotive, (DE) Berlin, Alemania Tiempo completo Descargar archivo

Sales Specialist (m/w/d) / Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) Vertriebsunterstützung im Bereich Automotive

iSi Automotive, (DE) Berlin, Alemania Medio tiempo Descargar archivo

Your job isn’t listed here? Then write to us and tell us why you are the right person for our iSi family.



The vision describes how we see ourselves, our basic values. It forms the basis of all our actions and is the guideline we use to assess our decisions. It allows us to continue viewing ourselves with a critical eye, so that we never avoid the question as to whether the path we are on is the right one.


In thought, in work, in action. For us, this is the driving force behind entrepreneurship. Having the power to make decisions. And, knowing that this independence must be dealt with responsibly, so that it pays dividends for us, our customers and our employees.


Maintaining what is worth holding on to; and thinking about what has become outdated. This is sustainability. It always has been, even if others might call it conservation. This way of thinking has given us the opportunity to develop our company in a targeted manner, thus guaranteeing long-term success.


Having values and observing them. This isn’t self-explanatory: For us, integrity means living our values and allowing them to comprehensively feed into our decisions. It also means owning up to mistakes, correcting them, and communicating openly. That’s when it really counts.


This self-conception gives rise to goals, to ideas as to how we should move forward. Today becomes the question of tomorrow. That is the mission. An explanation, a definition of our strategy, and of the values we want to shape the future with.


Innovations cannot be controlled, they must be able to develop by themselves. They cannot be made to appear at the press of a button. However, they can be given space, and the environment for stimulating innovation can be created. Innovation can be found and encouraged. And that is exactly what we do.


Knowing in what areas you are good, or excellent, and concentrating on them. Finding niches, occupying them, and doing everything to stay in them. Staying ahead, yet without losing sight of the Other, the Unusual. This is how we have managed to hold our ground so far, and we want it to stay that way.


From strong roots grow branches to the rest of the world. Anyone exporting ninety percent of their output to ninety different countries can certainly call themselves international. Allowing this fact to feed into your own thoughts, however, is more difficult. Nonetheless, in our experience, it’s worth it.


Decision and leadership mean never losing sight of these goals. Motivating and inspiring employees to greatness and keeping their enthusiasm going are the keys to success. Responsible leaders who lead others, show them the right path.


With a big goal in mind, walking unknown paths and revealing new possibilities. Moving, inspiring, and encouraging great things in others. Wanting to set an example with our professional competence, moral integrity, and human empathy.


Being an anchor, giving a sense of security. Really listening and understanding means being aware of others and giving them your honest attention. Promoting and challenging our employees according to their abilities. And thus pushing and encouraging independence and creativity.


Creating a sense of togetherness. Nurturing the team spirit and sharing successes resulting from working together. Keeping the lines of communication open. Letting other opinions, ideas, and points of view be heard. Open ears. Open eyes. Open doors.